Nothing illustrates like a personal story.

Below are two stories from people who worked for Silver Lining foundation Limited, learning new skills and gaining in self confidence.

We often hear that jobs and training instill confidence and lift self esteem. Yes, they do and they are both necessary for Indigenous people to live fulfilling lives.

But we found that the root cause of many Indigenous people's despair is not joblessness or lack of skill. It is a deep seated feeling of being unwanted because of who they are.

Silver Lining Foundation Limited implicitly said to the people we employed that they were wanted. It came through in the attitude of the supervisors Silver Lining Foundation Limited employed. For them, it was not just a question of getting a job done. It was also a question of getting the job done by the Indigenous people the company employed.

We built trust with them and not only taught them the technical skill required for the job (eg, how to strain a wire when erecting a fence) but also to believe that they were wanted as people. Once they came to know that, hope was restored.

The two stories below were wonderful moments for the supervisors in Silver Lining Foundation Limited because they indicated in small ways that years of distrust had been replaced by trust and years of sullen eyes were replaced by looks of hope and sparks of optimism.

Corey's Story

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John's Story

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