"Building Fences" Foundation on ABC TV program Landline

On the 17th June 2007, the ABC’s Landline program ran a story called “Building Fences” on the Foundation’s work for Indigenous youth at its property on the Bunya Highway half way between Murgon and Wondai in the South Burnett. It followed four days of filming at our facilities and Cherbourg. The Story focuses on the lads participating in the rural program (Lyle and David) and the work they are doing to become competent in rural skills. It also focuses on the personal development they are undergoing, whilst shining a light on the very real issues that the Indigenous community face everyday. Please view our story.

"The story certainly illustrates the good work the Silver Lining Foundation is achieving."

"I was particularly impressed with the interviews of the young men and also of Chris Sarra who spoke of the tangible outcomes that can be achieved through education"

Queensland Police Commissioner Robert Atkinson

Please read the wonderful letter sent to us from Queensland Police Commissioner Robert Atkinson praising the work we are doing at the Foundation.

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